Hello, I’m Nicola

London born, Midlands raised, and now I live in Shropshire with my husband and our daughter.

When I’m not shooting people in love you can find me at home, probably drinking too much coffee, eating cake and watching a film.

My husband and I hold a lot of our conversations in film quotes. We’re kind of film geeks.

Things that make me happy… Good coffee, 80’s movies, chocolate Guinness cake, “Africa” by Toto, holidays in Padstow, the smell of fresh cut grass, bright nail polish, cheese on toast, Bruce Springsteen.

Images of me by Bright Wing Photography

You’re the best friend we’ve ever paid for!

Bex & Olly

Nicola Gough Photography
Images of me by Bright Wing Photography


You should know…

First of all, I’m a hugger.

You’re going to see me at your wedding; I’m not going to be silently lurking in the bushes like a sniper. I’ll chat to your guests like they’re my own friends and family and gladly attach buttonholes or hold the back of your dress if you need to step over a puddle.  

I’ll encourage your guests to take part in athletic confetti throwing, and, if you get hangry you can share my stash of emergency snacks.

Controversially, I think pineapple definitely belongs on a pizza.