Hello, I’m Nicola,

Born in London, raised in the Midlands and now I live in Shropshire with my husband and our daughter.

Despite trying out for the school choir umpteen times, due to my inability to sing, I was never allowed in. I genuinely believe that “Africa” by Toto is the greatest song ever written and if I could sing in tune, that would be my karaoke song. But it’s really high. Like, really, really high.

When I’m not shooting people in love you can find me at home with my husband and daughter. Probably drinking too much coffee, eating cake and watching a film.

My husband and I hold a lot of our conversations in film quotes. Mostly 80’s ones.

If I had to do a top ten of my fave films… I’d be here all week and couldn’t possibly narrow it down so, in no particular order…

Groundhog Day, Goodfellas, The Lost Boys, The Karate Kid (the 1984 classic NOT the Jackie Chan one), Uncle Buck, Heat, The Crow, The Big Lebowski, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, Airplane! and St Elmo’s Fire. Oh and Mean Girls. And The Departed. And a 90’s sports film no one knows called The Cutting Edge. And Groundhog Day.

There’s a quote that I can’t remember word for word but the sentiment was “you don’t choose your job, it chooses you”. At school, I never quite fitted in and for a long time, I felt a little on the outside looking in. And so what do I do for work? I literally spend my working life looking into a camera, into somebody else’s life for a day! But instead of feeling left out, I feel wholly, totally, completely accepted and welcomed into my couples’ lives for a day or so. My clients are the best and it means the world to me that people choose me to photograph them and their wedding.

Images by Blue Fox Photo & Helen Howard Photography

Nicola Gough by Blue Fox Photography in Shrewsbury
Nicola Gough by Blue Fox Photography in The Quarry

How I work.

First of all, I’m a hugger. I’m not awkward and I can make friends with most people. I’m quite chatty too. An old boss once said I could of gotten rapport from a statue.

You will notice me at your wedding; I’m not going to be silently lurking in the bushes like a sniper. I will talk to your guests like they’re my own friends and family. I will happily attach buttonholes and hold the back of your dress if you need to step over a puddle. I’ll tell you if the clasp on your necklace is showing. I will get excited about shoes and jewellery and generally anything sparkly.

I will encourage your guests to take part in athletic confetti throwing. I will share my stash of emergency cereal bars if you get hangry. I will woop and cheer when you walk down the aisle as a married couple and I will cry if I see someone else crying.

Nicola and Jamie Gough by Helen Howard Photography in Lichfield

I have been shooting weddings since 2009 and I think it’s the best job in the world. If you can call it a job. It’s not like I’m down a mine is it?! I bloody adore weddings and would love to hear about yours. Even if you haven’t got much detail yet, just start with the who, the where, the when and we’ll go from there.

Or even just start with your favourite film or karaoke song…

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I reply to every single enquiry, even if I am booked on your date so please check your junk/spam folder too. If you have not heard from me within 72 hours please feel free to send another email to me. Or call for help as I might be trapped under something heavy.