About Nicola

When I’m not shooting people in love you can find me at home with my husband and daughter. Probably drinking too much coffee, eating cake and watching a film.

So, if you want a wedding photographer who can quote 80’s movies, swap cake recipes with and who sings along to power ballads in her car, then hello, I’m Nicola.

I am also a regional finalist for The Wedding Industry Awards Wedding Photographer of the Year 2017 and have been featured on Boho Weddings, Offbeat Bride and Wedding Ideas Magazine.

Some of the things I do and love …


I have a slight obsession about spotting Victorian Post Boxes.


I talk with my hands.
A lot.

Best Song

“Africa” by Toto is possibly the greatest song ever written.

Sunday Paper

I buy the Sunday papers but only read the glossy supplements.

6 Degrees

I am a little bit addicted to playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.


I am in love with holidays in Padstow.


I wish I was better at winged eyeliner.


I am a mom so I really enjoy coffee, wine and silence.

Images by Helen Howard Photography