Small weddings in Shropshire

Sep 25, 2020

Unless you’ve been blissfully unaware, living on the moon, you’ll have no doubt heard the news about how Covid-19 is impacting the wedding industry and most noticeably the reduction in numbers from 30 guests to 15. This will of course be upsetting, and for many will be a deal breaker meaning potentially another postponement.

It looks as though small weddings are here for the foreseeable and whilst I miss hectic dancefloors, loud live music and huge parties, I am a massive fan of tiny weddings and I want to keep things upbeat and positive right now. So, I’m going to big up small weddings.

In the style of Ian Drury and the Blockheads (ask your dad), here are some reasons to be cheerful…

If you do invite a few guests, you’ll be able to chat to everyone and not worry about inviting random plus ones of your work colleagues.

You don’t have to invite anyone at all and can totally elope, just the two of you.

It’ll no doubt be cheaper and save you a bit of moolah.

You can focus on the details more and go to town on making a real fuss of the few special people who are present and honour the people who can’t make it.

Do things your way; whether that be the food you eat, the music you listen to or the outfits you wear, there will be no one to please except yourselves.

Even registry office weddings are beautiful; and you could choose a super quirky and cute venue to celebrate in afterwards, or even your favourite restaurant.

For ease and in a bid to keep things super simple, I’m continuing to offer an hourly rate which is perfect for smaller weddings as the coverage can be totally customised to your exact needs. Plus, I’ve reduced the deposit down to £200 to secure the date. If you would like more information on how to make a small wedding work for you, please just drop me a line and we can have a chat about things in more detail.

Above all else…

Remember, the wedding day is just the start, the very first day of your marriage. Saying those words, out loud to each other, matters more than anything else. Love is not cancelled.

If you’d like to chat about a small elopement or a micro wedding, I’d love to talk. Drop me a message on here or call 07847186848.

Nicola Gough

Nicola Gough

Wedding Photographer

When I’m not shooting people in love you can find me at home, probably drinking too much coffee, eating cake and watching a film. My husband and I hold a lot of our conversations in film quotes. We’re kind of film geeks. After ten years of photographing almost 200 couples who love the bones of each other, I’m still in love with weddings and I would love to hear more about yours.

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