2018: Done!

From grand stately homes to teeny village halls, each wedding been full to the brim with awesome people, amazing food and above all else, love. Shed loads of it. I’ve shot 36 weddings this years and it’s safe to say it’s been a right good mix of brilliant, bonkers and blooming lovely.

There’s been Disney, the car from Ghostbusters, Harry Potter, an Irish sing-a-long, full moons, confetti cannons, dinosaurs, lego, dogs, frisbee, origami flowers, the music from Labyrinth, a wall of cake, an acoustic version of ‘Down Under’ by Men at Work, happy tears, me balling my eyes out during Josh’s speech to his dad, an alternative ceremony involving a mad hatter, bunting that spelled out WANKER, Roald Dahl, minor sparkler fires, sunburn from the hottest summer ever, first looks and emotional pre ceremony drinks with Dad.

This time of year they’ll more ‘end of year round up posts’ than you can shake a stick at from wedding photographers the world over and it can be a bit cliche to just write “My year was ace. Can’t believe this is my job. My clients are the best.” etc. But it’s so true. This year has been wonderful, I still pinch myself that I get to do this for work and yes, my clients really are the best. Thank you to each and every one of you for allowing me access into your fantastic lives, you’re all good eggs.

So this isn’t a list of ‘best’ photos or ‘most liked’ on social media, they’re just my favourites. They are here because they stand out and speak to me; here because I can stare at them now, some months after the wedding and still get a feeling of something just lovely.

I hope you like them too. Here’s to 2019!

Just click play on the slideshow below.