Derbyshire Wedding Photography - 222 This weekend will see the wedding of Amanda & Jack take place at Dovecliff Hall Hotel in Burton upon Trent. And to celebrate this, I thought it’s the perfect time to share with you a selection of images from their pre wedding photo shoot.

For the outdoor session we headed to their wedding venue so they could show me around, talk about their plans for the big day, plus I got to meet their adorable dog, Layla.

I’m so excited to photograph this wedding (plus, randomly, I actually know the bride’s sister from years ago and haven’t seen her for over a decade so it’ll be great to catch up). This pair are just adorable and I am thrilled to be the one to capture their big day. See you Saturday!

Amanda & Jack Pre Shoot (61 of 76) Amanda & Jack Pre Shoot (68 of 76) Amanda & Jack Pre Shoot (69 of 76)Amanda & Jack Pre Shoot BurtonDerbyshire Wedding Photography - 219 Derbyshire Wedding Photography - 220 Derbyshire Wedding Photography - 221Amanda & Jack Pre Shoot