It’s funny how things work out really. I remember when I first started out as a photographer I was desperate for work and the Winters’ seemed never-ending. I was the kid longing for the Summer to come around again.

Jump to 6 years later and it’s only now, in the latter part of November that there’s some room to breathe. I’ve just two more weddings in late December and that’s 2015 all wrapped up. This week will be the first week where I have no editing, no photo shoots, no more album proofs to do. I have already treated myself to a night on the sofa with ‘Say Anything’ to celebrate.

There’s still enquiries and meetings with clients and that pesky tax return to finish but on the whole it feels like I have some space to blog, to design sample albums for next years wedding fayres and to generally take things a bit easier.

Hey, if I’m lucky I may even have time to visit a hairdresser seeing as my last visit was July.

July 2014.