You might have a heaving scrapbook over flowing with ideas, swatches, magazine tear outs, photographs that you’ve hidden under the bed since you were a kid, dreaming of your wedding day. You might have one or two or several Pinterest boards looking fabulous with all your ideas and inspiration. It goes without saying that on your wedding day, you deserve to have what you want. Be it a dress that makes you look and feel like a goddess, a super sharp suit that makes you feel like a rock star, a great venue, awesome food, a party that your friends talk about years later because of how amazing it was. And you’ll want photographs of it all.

So why choose me? If you see photography at your wedding as just another item on a to do list along with chair covers then I’m not for you. No hard feelings or anything, some people just aren’t all that into photography and that’s cool. But I am into photography. In kind of a big way. I’m also really into weddings. At the end of every wedding day, I crawl into bed with the biggest smile on my face despite feeling like I’ve been through a war. Mentally and physically wedding photography is hard work for sure but I love the bones of it and still pinch myself at every wedding, baffled that I get to do my dream job.  People who love each other enough to stand up in front of one another and say “me and you, until the day we die” choose me to be the one to take pictures of this huge, life altering milestone.

I recently went to my first wedding related business networking event with around 90 wedding suppliers. Roughly 1 in 3 were photographers. How do I stand out from that crowd? Sometimes I imagine it’s like bobbing around in the North Sea wearing a life jacket, blowing a tiny whistle, waving a Borrower sized torch, squeaking “I’m over here”. Although probably not as cold. Well if you book me here’s what’s likely to happen:

I’ll spend more time with you before, during and after your wedding day than any other supplier. Fact. Your florist, cake maker, dress designer, car hire company, hairdresser will see you for a brief period sometime on or before your wedding day. I’ll see you at your pre shoot, all day on your wedding day, plus still be in touch with you designing your album a long time after the cake has been eaten and the dress has been dry cleaned.

At every wedding I’ve attended I have done at least one of the following: laced up a bride or bridesmaid into her dress, repaired a wedding dress, altered a bridesmaid dress that was too big (with help from a broach loaned by the Mother of the Bride), attached buttonholes onto suits, fixed jewellery, dished out plasters and blister packs to bridesmaids whose shoes have got the better of them, rearranged furniture, ensured the brides dress doesn’t get wet/dirty/dragged through mud if her maids have gone AWOL. I’ve made an eighty mile round trip to make sure a client gets their album. I’ve gotten up at 4.30am to start editing photos and designing albums and gone to bed past midnight.

Basically, (and in the style of Faith No More) I care. A lot. I’m not saying no other wedding photographer will care like I do, of course. But thinking back to that scrapbook or those Pinterest boards, you deserve to have every supplier at your big day care about it as much as you do.