Albrighton Hall Wedding

Photographing wedding goodness since 2009.

You know the stuff; the massive smiles, the happy tears, the hugs and handshakes, the two of you generally marvelling at each other at the fact you just got married.

The good stuff.

You’ll be planning a fun, relaxed wedding that incorporates your personality into it. Oh and if your wedding involves a dog then even better! The bits in between and the outtakes are probably your favourite pictures. You’re not going to worry about the weather or get hung up if the church organist sounds a bit off key. You’ll dance with gusto even if you’ve got two left feet. You’re going to embrace the day (and each other) and smile until your cheeks ache from sheer joy.


Shropshire based wedding photographer also covering Cheshire, the Midlands and the surrounding areas.

Click play on the slideshow below to see what 2019 has looked like so far…

“Nicola was phenomenal! I genuinely felt like the person taking my wedding pictures was a best friend I’d had for years”

Roseann and Nick

Wedding at St Tewdrics House groom catching a frisbee at golden hour bride wearing untamed love wedding dress
Sunset wedding portrait at Mytton & Mermaid Shropshire wedding venue
Davenport House Wedding
Walcot Hall confetti walk through
Just married Pimhill Barn summer wedding
Same sex female confetti at Aston Marina
Fun bridesmaids at Pimhill Barn
Bride and groom relaxed portrait at Goldstone Hall Shropshire
Alternative couple confetti at The Lion Hotel Shrewsbury